Fitbit zip Giveaway!!!(CLOSED)

I could not be more excited to be giving away a FitBit zip to one lucky follower! I recently purchased my first FitBit and I love it!! I work a desk job and it’s very easy for me to only get up once or twice a day. Wearing my Fitbit helps me to remember to get up and move. I love setting daily goals for myself and then trying to beat them!  

The Fitbit zip tracks your steps, distance and calories burned. The information is wirelessly transmitted to your supported device ( iPhone, smart phone, etc) to your Fitbit App. You can track your progress throughout the day. I love to check in midday to see if I am on track to beat yesterday. 

The Fitbit app also has a Challange feature where you can Challange your friends to see who can have the most steps in a day, week or weekend. My coworkers and I are having a lot of fun with this!! 

I recently had a baby and shortly after developed a heart condition. I just started to exercise again and this device is great for beginners as well as people who are used to moving more. I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do! 

Here’s how to enter:

 Follow me on Instagram:wwmommy103 and leave me an Instagram comment telling me you’ve done so 

Optional to earn a second entry: Leave a Comment on the blog telling me about your fitness goals, ways you would use your Fitbit or just tell me about your fitness journey 

Two entires per person max (one for following me and one for a comment) 

Open to US Residents Only 

There will be one Winner who will receive the Fitbit Zip shown in the photos above 

I will randomly select 1 winner from all the entries. Your follow and/or comment  will be assigned a number and I will use to select the winner.The winner will be notified either via Instagram or email. 

Contest begins Tuesday March 3 at 5am EST and ends Monday March 9th at 11pm EST. The winner will be selected and announced within 24 hours 

This contest is not sponsored by Fitbit. I received this Fitbit zip as a gift and would like to pass it along for someone to enjoy. I blog and Instagram for fun and I’m always looking to make new friends. If you already have a Fitbit, I’d love to be friends. My email is


20 thoughts on “Fitbit zip Giveaway!!!(CLOSED)”

  1. I go for walks many mornings with my husband and we walk a little more each week and take extra long walks on the weekends. It’s great exercise and a great time to talk as well. I’d love to win a fitbit zip to keep track of my activity & set new goals since I don’t have any of these types of devices.


  2. I follow you on instagram! @mijulin

    I’d love to win a fitbit. I’ve heard that it’s super helpful in tracking your activity and really helps you get a glimpse at your activity levels



  3. My fitness goals are to push myself harder for better results, and I would use this Fitbit to keep track of my progress.


  4. I’m following you on instagram @julimijulimi and commented there

    My fitness goal is to increase my cardio work and to work my abs more. I’ve been doing super great with my legs and arms.


  5. I would like to get 10,000 steps in each day at least. So far I’ve been pretty good about my goal and I’m hoping I can last through the year. Last year I got to about September before I started slacking off, so this year I will get to December lol.


  6. I am a stay at home mom so I find my exercise in dancing and playing w my five year old,going for walks and occasional yoga!


  7. I am ashamed to say I have no fitness plan in place…right now anyway! That’s all about to change. I have become so lazy over the winter. I plan to start going to the local walking trail daily and upping my walking time each week or so. Thank you for the opportunity!


  8. Right now, I’ve been able to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. My big thing is to remember to stay positive and to not beat myself up on days where I don’t feel like wanting to work out or feeling like I didn’t give 100%.


  9. I always get really down in the winter times but am always super active in the summer. I really want to make sure and try to have my exercise habits be consistent.


  10. I’ve been wanting to try the fitbit!! I’ve heard so much about them. Right now I am trying to loose weight and this would be a great tool to have!


  11. Well, I am getting married in June of next year to the love of my life. I know it seems like it’s a ways always but there are a lot of things I need to improve physically. If I won this I would use it on my daily run and be able to set specific weight loss goals. I’d also use it for certain work outs. My fingers are tightly crossed!! This would be so awesome to win!! Following as @arielsacutie


  12. my fitness goal is just to be fit and feel good about myself. I really just want to be nice to myself again and start liking myself again. I’m not saying losing weight will do this but just the process of doing it, accomplishing things like finishing a zumba class or trying yoga or just using the stairs instead, maybe i can feel good about myself


  13. I have type 1 diabetes and a year after i had my son i developed rhumetoid arthritis. So motion is lotion .. move or fuse i have to stay active for myself and my family.. im following you on ig under moni_alejo


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