Fast Food 


I remember sitting down at the table one night and my mom had made Meatloaf. Again. Don’t get me wrong, my mother is an amazing cook. She worked night shifts as a nurse and since my Dad had to cook some meals, Meatloaf was kind of a go to since it was easy to make. Just as we were sitting down to eat my older sister walked through the door. She is ten years older than me so at that time she was pretty much doing her own thing for dinner. She had a bag of McDonald’s in her hand. I started whining to my parent’s that I would rather have McDonalds then meatloaf. My dad said, “Well when you are old enough and can drive, then you can get whatever you want for dinner”.

Those words stuck with me. I loved the thought of being able to have the freedom to choose my own food whenever I wanted. I was a very thin child and my mother made sure we always ate healthy. Dad gave us treats and honestly so did my Mom but things were controlled.  

As soon as I learned to drive, it all changed. My friends and I would drive around aimlessly hitting up McDonald’s or Wendy’s or Taco Bell for a late night snacks. I never wanted to eat at home. My sister and I used to go get chicken nuggets before dinner, eat them in the car and then go home and eat. I worked in a grocery store where I had unlimited access to healthy foods but I always went for the junk. Then a pizza place opened next door. So of course we started ordering dinner from there every night. My whole world became fast food. And the scale quickly reflected that. 

When I started Weight Watchers the first time, I quickly learned all the points values of my favorite fast food items and I never gave them up. Just ate less of them. And I lost weight. 80 lbs. actually. But of course the pounds came back as my sandwich with no fries slowly turned back into a Super-Sized Meal with Soda.

I feel like Fast Food is an addiction for me. And even though I have been doing much better recently, I have not beaten it.  If I feel sad or stressed or tired and don’t want to prep dinner, take out it is. My husband hates fast food and I don’t want my daughter falling into the same bad habits I have. So my question to you is:


Do you have a Fast Food addiction?

If so, how did you beat it or how are you working on beating it?







4 thoughts on “Fast Food ”

  1. I loved french fries and I mean I loved it all the time. Moderation wasn’t an option when it came to that, but my manfriend is allergic to potatoes, so we can’t keep it in the house. Sometimes I just want to punch him.


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