What the Heck is PPCM? Part 2

You can read the first part of my story here

Luckily my parents only live a few blocks away so my mom was there in about 5 minutes. I managed to put on a bra and pull my hair back. The baby was asleep and my mom came in. I tried to tell her to listen to my chest but she told me just go. She later told me she honestly though I was congested  and was being paranoid( and in all fairness I am a very paranoid person). I kissed my sleeping baby goodbye and we headed to the hospital. The ride there was horrible. We were hitting morning traffic and I was starting to feel panic because I felt short of breath. Finally we made it to the hospital and my husband dropped me off at the ER door.

 I walked in and they asked what’s wrong. I said I’m kinda short of breath. They didn’t seem overly concerned. I filled out a quick form and she took my pulse and asked my weight, they then took me back. My nurse came in. He seemed young but knew what he was doing. He took my BP and seemed a little taken a back by how high it was. 160/95. I explained how I had just had a baby. A c-section. I was already diagnosing myself. Oh god it’s a blood clot. I know it. They took some blood and then of course a lot of waiting around. I had an EKG which appeared normal. I also had a chest X-ray. The ER doctor seemed stumped. My OBGYN came to see me but there wasn’t much she could say. She too was unsure. I was sent for a CT scan. Finally I was able to get up and go the the ladies room. I remember coming back and my nurse said I need to hook you up to monitors. At this point I was thinking, shit. This is not heading in the right direction. My husband left to go outside and make a phone call. I remember the ER doctor coming in and he looked at me very confused. He asked where my husband was. I said outside. He looked down. I knew something was up. I pressed him to tell me. I remember he said you have a lot going on. And we aren’t sure what it is. We are going to have to admit you. And you will need to go to ICU. It really wasn’t hitting me. I felt short of breathe sure but I’m not ICU sick! 

My pulmonary doctor and assistant came in to hook me up to a cpap machine and I kinda lost my cool. It was the mask and I hated it and it made me feel worse. They kept telling me to relax and let it help me but I was panicking. I asked for nasal pillows instead and they found me some. I still hated the machine but it was better then the mask. My Dad, Aunt and Husband were all now at the hospital with me. Another doctor came in. I remember him sitting down next to me and asking me how I felt. I think I muttered I’m ok or something along those lines. He looked at me, introduced himself and said “I’m your heart doctor”. And I remember the first thing that popped into my head…..why the fuck do I need a cardiologist???….


DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional or doctor. I am just writing about my experience and what happened to me and how my doctors decided to treat me. Everyone is different. Listen to your body and don’t be afraid to speak up if you feel something is wrong. It saved my life! 


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