Where I’m At 

This has been one of the most difficult times of my life. When my baby was born in October I was diagnosed with PPCM. I immediately blamed myself for getting pregnant while so over weight. I have since learned that being over weight may have nothing to do with my condition. Learning you have any illness, especially one that could be life threatening, was terrifying. 

In the meantime I had to adjust to motherhood. Luckily I have a wonderful baby that up until a few days ago was a great sleeper lol. Life continued on and I enjoyed my maternity leave. I didn’t have to return to work until Febuary but I knew I wanted to get started on Weight Watchers before I went back to work. So in January, I joined. 

In the beginning it was easy for me. I could plan out all meals and I had time to make whatever I wanted. Going back to work was a huge adjustment in so many ways. But surprisingly I made the time to make a good lunch and breakfast everyday for myself. I found quick and easy meals to make after the baby went to bed. 

Not getting into to much detail but my separation from my husband was not sudden. We had been having problems for a long time. We were fighting all the time and I admit all I wanted to do was eat my feelings away. And I think if it wasn’t for thinking of my daughter and being there for her, I may have done that. I guess I learned after a few binges that nothing, especially food, was going to take away the pain I was feeling. 

So now I moved back home with my baby and I’ve had to adjust to even more changes. My family has done a wonderful job at making me comfortable and I couldn’t ask for more. I’m in therapy to help deal with all these sudden life changes. 

So I started thinking to myself, why , when life was easier, did I fail at Weight Watchers before? I don’t think I have an answer for that. But this time around I find so much comfort in Weight Watchers. It’s a constant in my life. No matter what, it will be there for me. And at a time when I’m not so proud of myself and the life decisions I’ve made, I’m proud of what I have done with Weight Watchers. And no matter what happens, no body can take that away from me. 


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