First Time Moms (My Rant) 

We aren’t dumb

We DO appreciate your advice

We DON’T have to listen to it

We do want to raise our children the best way we know how

We will make mistakes

We will do things right 
First time moms are just like any other moms. We want what’s best for our children. We are learning just like the babies are. It’s not easy to never get a full night sleep. It’s not easy for people to always question your actions ( family, friends,strangers). 

I read every article on breast feeding, sleeping, baby safety, etc. I was prepared for motherhood. What I was not prepared for was to face a devasting health diagnosis and a divorce all within 6 months of having my first child. 

I missed my daughter’s first doctor’s appointment. I missed dressing her in her cute new outfits. It was only a few days but it will haunt me forever ( and yes I am in therapy to deal with these feelings).

It seems people confuse sadness with gratefulness. I am grateful for the help I have received but that doesn’t erase the sadness I feel everyday. Sadness for my daughter that she won’t grow up with a mother and father who live together. Sadness that she may never have a brother or sister to grow up with like I did. 

Many first time moms never will have to face what I went through. Sadly some will face things far far worse then what I went through. I guess my point is before you offer advice remember that sometimes experience is the best teacher and making mistakes is how we learn to grow and move forward. And cut us a break. Every mom was a new mom once. We may not be perfect but no one loves their child more then we do 💕 



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