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Following my dreams!

For the last few years I knew I wanted to make a change in my career but I wasn’t sure how I could do it. I’ve been working a full time job for the last 10 years. After my daughter was born, I began working 32 hours a week. Still, I was not able to save much money as my husband and I were still somehow living paycheck to paycheck. Once we separated and I moved home, I finally was able to start saving some money. And I decided that at 32 that this was my chance. To finish what I didn’t have the courage to do so many years ago. With the help of my family, I am starting school in a few weeks!

I am excited and nervous and worried. Will I have enough time for my daughter? Will I be able to keep up with my classmates? I haven’t been in school in almost 15 years now. 

Luckily I’m starting off slow. I’m taking a Medical Terminology class and I’m becoming a Certfied Nurses Aide. Next semester I will take a few more classes and become a Patient Care Technician. My plan is to work as a PCT while I work towards my BSN. It’s going to take a lot of work, patience and help from a lot of people. I feel so blessed to have a second chance to get this right. 

My ultimate goal is to work as an OB nurse. It’s a competitive field in this area but I’m confident if I work hard, I can achieve my goal. 

I’ve been learning over the last few months that my life certainly is not going as planned but that’s not always a bad thing! I’m finding new goals and experiences. I’m enjoying living with my family and most of all I’m enjoying motherhood more then I ever thought possible!!!