Fast Food 


I remember sitting down at the table one night and my mom had made Meatloaf. Again. Don’t get me wrong, my mother is an amazing cook. She worked night shifts as a nurse and since my Dad had to cook some meals, Meatloaf was kind of a go to since it was easy to make. Just as we were sitting down to eat my older sister walked through the door. She is ten years older than me so at that time she was pretty much doing her own thing for dinner. She had a bag of McDonald’s in her hand. I started whining to my parent’s that I would rather have McDonalds then meatloaf. My dad said, “Well when you are old enough and can drive, then you can get whatever you want for dinner”.

Those words stuck with me. I loved the thought of being able to have the freedom to choose my own food whenever I wanted. I was a very thin child and my mother made sure we always ate healthy. Dad gave us treats and honestly so did my Mom but things were controlled.  

As soon as I learned to drive, it all changed. My friends and I would drive around aimlessly hitting up McDonald’s or Wendy’s or Taco Bell for a late night snacks. I never wanted to eat at home. My sister and I used to go get chicken nuggets before dinner, eat them in the car and then go home and eat. I worked in a grocery store where I had unlimited access to healthy foods but I always went for the junk. Then a pizza place opened next door. So of course we started ordering dinner from there every night. My whole world became fast food. And the scale quickly reflected that. 

When I started Weight Watchers the first time, I quickly learned all the points values of my favorite fast food items and I never gave them up. Just ate less of them. And I lost weight. 80 lbs. actually. But of course the pounds came back as my sandwich with no fries slowly turned back into a Super-Sized Meal with Soda.

I feel like Fast Food is an addiction for me. And even though I have been doing much better recently, I have not beaten it.  If I feel sad or stressed or tired and don’t want to prep dinner, take out it is. My husband hates fast food and I don’t want my daughter falling into the same bad habits I have. So my question to you is:


Do you have a Fast Food addiction?

If so, how did you beat it or how are you working on beating it?







Fitbit zip Giveaway!!!(CLOSED)

I could not be more excited to be giving away a FitBit zip to one lucky follower! I recently purchased my first FitBit and I love it!! I work a desk job and it’s very easy for me to only get up once or twice a day. Wearing my Fitbit helps me to remember to get up and move. I love setting daily goals for myself and then trying to beat them!  

The Fitbit zip tracks your steps, distance and calories burned. The information is wirelessly transmitted to your supported device ( iPhone, smart phone, etc) to your Fitbit App. You can track your progress throughout the day. I love to check in midday to see if I am on track to beat yesterday. 

The Fitbit app also has a Challange feature where you can Challange your friends to see who can have the most steps in a day, week or weekend. My coworkers and I are having a lot of fun with this!! 

I recently had a baby and shortly after developed a heart condition. I just started to exercise again and this device is great for beginners as well as people who are used to moving more. I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do! 

Here’s how to enter:

 Follow me on Instagram:wwmommy103 and leave me an Instagram comment telling me you’ve done so 

Optional to earn a second entry: Leave a Comment on the blog telling me about your fitness goals, ways you would use your Fitbit or just tell me about your fitness journey 

Two entires per person max (one for following me and one for a comment) 

Open to US Residents Only 

There will be one Winner who will receive the Fitbit Zip shown in the photos above 

I will randomly select 1 winner from all the entries. Your follow and/or comment  will be assigned a number and I will use to select the winner.The winner will be notified either via Instagram or email. 

Contest begins Tuesday March 3 at 5am EST and ends Monday March 9th at 11pm EST. The winner will be selected and announced within 24 hours 

This contest is not sponsored by Fitbit. I received this Fitbit zip as a gift and would like to pass it along for someone to enjoy. I blog and Instagram for fun and I’m always looking to make new friends. If you already have a Fitbit, I’d love to be friends. My email is

My Thoughts on Trader Joes 

A few weeks back my sister and I were discussing Trader Joes and how much people seem to love it . There are not many around here but we both work close to one. It is always packed. Day,night, weekends, whenever! 

So one day last week I had some time to kill between and work and an appointment so I decided to take a ride over. As soon as I pulled into the parking spot I wanted to turn around. I don’t eat healthy enough to be here! I don’t eat organic! After calming myself down, I headed in. I was immediately greeted by a nice man with a name tag. Oh great, he’s probably looking at me like, why are YOU here? But of course he wasn’t. I was just another customer. I started looking around and quickly realized that I had been stereotyping the Trader Joe’s shoppers. Sure there were very fit people but there were also all different kinds of people. Regular families shopping for the week.

As I made my way through the aisles I felt a little lost. I didn’t recognize any of the “brands”.  Have you seen that cheese section?! I haven’t even heard of half of them. I walked around a bit more and settled on a some sanwhich thins, reduced guilt Guac, hard boiled eggs and of course the Cookie Butter I had heard so much about. Despite the store being packed, a check out line was available right away and I was quickly out of there. 

Even though I didn’t buy much, I have really enjoyed the products I did buy. I’ll definitely be back in the future. It feels good to go out of your comfort zone and try new things. Besides I’m pretty sure I’ll go through withdrawal if I run out of Cookie butter! 

So, what items do I HAVE to try??

Anything I should avoid?? 

Is anyone else as obsessed with Cookie Butter as me? 

Weight Watchers Week 6


Total loss:-17.2

So happy with my loss this week! During week 5, I had stayed the same. And it was a little rough on me. I didn’t really have a cheat meal and thought I had stuck to the plan pretty well. But I decided to switch things up a bit this week. 

First thing first. I needed to eat more. I defintley under ate during week 5. I was stressed about going back to work after maternity leave and I wanted to make sure I didn’t over eat but the opposite happened. So this week I decided to have some fun and use my Flex points. My sister and I were supposed to go see Fifty Shades of Gray of Saturday but due to a surprise rather rough snow storm, we had to abandoned those plans and instead we headed to the bar for some drinks and Apps. I’m not a big drinker but I decided to have one drink, good old Vodka and Cranberry. We had a nice view of the snow too.

We split three appetizers and none were the least bit healthy. I remember being younger and I would panic everytime this happened. But now I think just myself, enjoy your evening and back on track tomorrow. 

I was back to it the next day and stayed strong all week. One of my goals since returning to work has been to pack my lunch each day and so far I have been successful. I also wanted to try some new foods.  Here’s a BBQ wrap I made for dinner one night. Amazing and very easy to make

I even snuck some veggies in there! lol. 

I hit up Trader Joes for the first in years. I have some fun things to share about that in my next post! Happy Weekend!!!! 

Single Mom, recovering from PPCM, losing weight through Weight Watchers since 1/15/2015